May 30, 2004

"The Chase" video & other activities

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)

Nine people came to Walter & Julie's place for the day. The topic for the day was not set in advance - it was left open for the participants to decide what they were going to do.

First, we had a tour of Walter & Julie's backyard from a native plants perspective (Walter has naturalized the backyard). Walter showed us what he had done to naturalize the yard, and identified the plants for the group.
(For more info on this project, please see the Leatherwood Trail website, Naturalization section).

Then we all went inside for a while to watch "The Chase", which was the show that Tom Brown and his instructors starred in, on Court TV in the US not shown in Canada). For more info on this show, please see the Wildwood Survival website - click here.

After a break for lunch, Brian gave us a flintknapping demonstration. Some of us tried our hand at it.
(For more info on flintknapping, including more photos of this demonstration, please see the Wildwood Survival website, Survival - Flintknapping section).
He also demonstrated use of the handdrill for making fire. Again, it was an excellent opportunity for some who had never tried this before to have a go at it. Many thanks to Brian!!
(For more info on the handdrill, please see the Wildwood Survival website, Survival - Fire - Handdrill section).
Later we went for a walk in a nearby wild area, and braved the mosquitoes to identify and observe plants in a forest, marsh, and swamp, including Poison Sumac.

This is Water Arum in flower.

Brian demonstrating to the group how to do the Foxwalk while swatting mosquitoes.
Thanks to all who came out to make this a very productive and enjoyable day!

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