Apr 2, 2006

Basket-making Workshop

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)

Fourteen people gathered at Walter & Julie's place for a basket-making workshop ably led by Doc, who shared his experience and expertise on this topic. Our raw material was Red Osier Dogwood, which participants collected beforehand (before coming ).
We worked on the front lawn, which attracted much attention from neighbours and passersby!
Doc showing one of the early steps to making a basket. This is the start of the base.
The base takes shape...
Working up the sides
Doc showing how to do the top rim of the basket.
And you know I just HAD to put this picture in! Although meant as a joke, it does remind us that basketry can be used for a lot more than just baskets: clothing, furniture, netting, and so on.
A finished Red Osier Dogwood basket. Although this particular one was made prior to the workshop (by Doc), it shows the beauty and functionality that is possible.
A HUGE thank you to Doc who expertly led an EXCELLENT workshop for us!! Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and some of us even managed to complete our baskets.

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